13 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and Mac

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A beat making software is nothing but a blessing to those who want to make their own beat. Having access to the best free beat making software is a double blessing in disguise. Ordinarily, beat making Softwares are expensive and might not be affordable if you in it just for fun.

However, the joy that comes with being able to make your won music beat can be relieved over and over again. Thanks to the availability of free music maker Software programmes. There are several such Softwares that are pocket friendly.

With these Softwares, you can make your music beat conveniently at the comfort of your home. In this article, we will show you some of the best free beat making software available. Also, we will show you the online free beat software makers that are available on both Windows and Mac. Below we list 12 of the best free beat maker for windows and mac.

Best Beat Making Software For Windows & Mac 2020

There are numerous beat making software available out there, but amongst them, we’ve carefully selected those we consider to be the best. Follow us as we highlight the best beat making software for Windows and Mac 2020.

1. MuseScore – (Windows and Mac OS)

Musescore is a great beat making software that’s quite popular. It is available on Windows and MAC with greater features that set it aside from others. It has an easy to use interface that makes it the ideal best beat making software for MAC and Windows for beginners.

MuseScore To Create Music Beats

If you are a beginner, look no further. This software is specially designed for you. It comes with all the necessary tools that will make learning easy and straight forward.

Finally, you can edit and record music as you like and have it exported in different formats. The final formats can be exported Flac, OGG, Wav, etc.

Download MuseScore 

2. LMMS (Windows and Mac OS)

This is yet another great choice for you as a would-be beat maker. It is totally free and comes with an additional peck–it supports not just Windows and MAC both also Linux. With the easy to use interface, the making of wonderful pieces of music is is a guarantee.

LMMS software for Windows MAC Linux Beat Making Free

Also, the software boasts of demo tracks that will aid you in making your own beat. Even though the graphics are not on the high side, it sure does well by compensating users with high-end features and functionalities. After recording, users can export their tracks in either WAV or OGG format.

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Download LMMS

3. Cubase (Windows and Mac)

As far as free beat making app for windows and Mac is concerned, Cubase is a dependable choice. It is a paid software and comes in three versions– Pro, Artist, and Elements. Respectively, it costs $99.99, $309.99, and $559.99. 

Cubase mac windows beat maker

This is quite pricey for a beginner, however, Cubase offers 30 days free trial. The features are quite easy to use. Amongst the unique features is the 70 inbuilt plugins that offer nothing but great experience for beatmakers. It is designed to assist professionals though beginners will find it worthy of its name.

Download Cubase

4. Magix Music Maker –  (Windows)

Magix Music Maker is another great beat making software for windows.  Its easy to use features makes beat making fun and straight forward for newbies.

Magix Music Maker - Best Beat Making Software

If you are new to the world of beats making, this software is for you. With this software, you can create beats like a pro. Another great feature that makes it fan favourite is the graphics. It can run seamlessly on a 521 MB graphic and 2GB RAM card device.

Download Magix Music Maker

5. Ableton Live – (Windows and Mac OS)

Ableton Live is another great beat maker for Windows and Mac. Though not free, however, you can opt for the free trial.

Ableton Live - Best Beat Making Software For Windows

Using the software is straightforward even for a beginner. If you are out for a software that delivers topnotch beats yet comes with an easy to use interface, then Ableton Live is for you. Go ahead and download it from their official website.

Download Ableton Live

6. Easy Music Composer (Windows)

Easy Music Composer is another beat making software for windows that’s free.  With Easy Music Composer, you can compose songs, set the melody, add words, input notes and write directly from your computer.

Also, it comes with a great feature that allows you to alter settings such as volume, tempo and bass. With this, you can simply create your music using your own beats.

7. Ardour  (Mac and Windows)

Though not free, Ardour offers freemium features through its trial version.  It is designed to mix, record, and edit your music

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ardour - mac and windows beat maker

One other great feature is the capability to accommodate recording devices such as the microphone. This feature allows you to alter the settings to your taste. Ardours comes with an easy to use interface.  It is worth trying if you are searching for the Free Beat Making Software on Mac and Windows.

Download Ardour

 8. orDrumbox – (Windows and Mac OS)

OrdrumBox is available on Windows, Mac and also on Linux. Its friendly user interface is another great feature that makes it a dependable choice amongst music lovers.

orDrumbox - Beat Maker Software

With great features that allows you to create, edit and mix music, you are at liberty to create any music of your choice. Apart from this, you can also upload your own music and be rated by other OrdrumBox users.

Download OrdrumBox

9. Garageband – (Mac OS)

Solely available on Mac, Garageband offers a unique experience to those who desire is to create musical beats.

Garageband - Use To Create Music Beats and Sounds

Amongst other great features, it comes with a detailed guidebook. With the guidebook, you can polish yourself and learn how to play the guitar and keyboard.  Also, you can adjust the equalizer and volume to your desired choice. You can also save files in various format.

Download Garageband

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10. Native Instruments Maschine MK2 – (Windows and Mac)

Native Instruments offers an easy to use interface for those who are interested in making music without having to sweat.

Native Instruments - Music Maker software For Mac and Windows OS

It is totally free and amongst other features, it comes with a demo tutorial for easy use. Amongst other great features are the extensive libraries which are designed to aid your music creation.

Download Native Instruments

11. Talktion T7 (Mac and Windows)

Talktion is another software that allows users to create their own music. It is free and available on both Mac and Windows.

Talktion T7 mac beat maker free download

With the easy to use interface, you can work on your music production with any hassle.  Some of its great features are the LFO Modifiers that will ease your work. Also, the VST instruments combine well with the multiple browsers thus making it worth trying for all beatmakers.

Download Talktion

12. BTV Solo – (Mac and Windows)

BTV Solo is a multi-functional software for music lovers. With it, you can customise existing songs, tweak samples and create new music beats with ease.

BTV Solo - Beat Making Software

It possesses further awesome features like the in-built mixers, sound effects and the drum kits. Windows and Mac users can further take advantage of its sleek User Interface for their music production.

13. Reaper (Windows and Mac)

Reaper is a paid software available in Windows, Mac and also in Linux. Though paid, you can, however, get a discounted Licence version for $60 instead of the full $225.

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A great choice for beat maker Softwares under $100, Reaper comes with an in-built plugin. It can also read as much as 25 different types of files. It is easy to use and the features can only be found in paid Softwares. None the less, it is still one of the best beat maker software available in the market today.

Download Reaper

Best Online Beat Makers that’s Free

1. AudioTool

Audio Tool offers a great choice for music lovers seeking to make music for fun. It is one of the best online beat makers that gives you the freedom to mix, make and edit your music for free.


Even though the interface is a bit complicated, you can use it to make any kind of music. You can also share the music with your friends across different social media platforms after making it.

Go to AudioTool

2. JamStudio

Rated as the best online free beat maker, JamStudio offers a different mix of experience for music lovers. Its simplicity is such that you can use it perfectly even without any prior music experience.


On the website, you have unlimited access to more than 100,000 different music files of various musicians. With these files, you can creatively come up with your own unique music. Go ahead and try it and give us feedback through the comment box.

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Visit JamStudio

3. Music Shake

Even as a novice, you can still make wonderful beats online. Music Shake gives you the platform to do so.

Musicshake Tutorial - YouTube

With it, you can easily mix music tracks and create wonderful beats. It has a very easy-to-use interface and highly recommended for beginners. Go on and try it. You will surely love it.

Visit Music Shake

4. Sound Trap

Sound Trap is another great online free beat making website. It features some awesome instruments that give you access to make your desired beats.

Amongst other wonderful features, Sound Trap also has a forum for aspiring musicians to share their works and get feedback from other users.

Visit Sound Trap

Final Words

Making beats can be a daunting task for beginners no doubt. However, we have carefully selected the best Free Beat Making Software that you can deploy whether you are a Windows, MAC or Linux users. Also, those who do not have access to any of the operating systems can still enjoy beat making.

All you need to do is to visit the website of the various beat making online platforms we shared above. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends across various social media platforms. It will definitely be useful to them.



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