10+ Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android & iPhone

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With everyone increasingly busy these days, the odd of forgetting your loved one’s birthday are much higher than you think. However, with the aid of some apps, that will be a thing of the past. Even Facebook makes it a point to remind you of a friend’s birthday. It is one thing to plan one’s birthday and it is another to actually remember the dates. With the arrival of birthday reminder apps, you no longer need to forget your loved ones’ birthdays.

Today, we will be covering some of the best apps that will help you to set birthday reminders on android and iPhone. It is time to let your loved one’s know you truly care about them.

 How to Choose the Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android and IOS

With the help of the apps below, you don’t have to forget your loved ones’ birthday anymore. Plan ahead of time and surprise them on their special day. Make them feel loved and special the same way you want them to treat you on your special day too.

1. Birthday Calendar +

Birthday Calnedar+ lest you to import data from multiple sources such as contacts and calendars. With the app, you can set reminders, check their zodiac signs ( if you believe in it), send greeting cards e.tc. It is simple to use and remains as one of the most favourite  IOS birthday reminder apps out there.

Birthday Reminder Apps

Also, with just the click of the button, you can view different historical events, check celebrities’ birthday, and set reminders for relatives and friends birthdays.

If you hate the constant ads intrusion, you can boycott that by option for the premium version. All you have to do is to upgrade to the paid version of birthday calendar + for just $0.99 to remove ads

Download Birthday Calendar +: iOS

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2. Birthdays for Android

Going by the name, birthdays for android is known for one thing— setting birthday reminders for you. Immediately you open the app, you will notice it has pulled down a list of birthdays already. It does this by syncing your contacts from Google or Facebook and import them.

birthdays for android app

Other cool features include the ability to display the celebrant’s age, profile pics, and other special occasions such as anniversaries, days of the week, etc.

Also, you can edit the birthdays if you notice any error, set when you want to be reminded of the big days, and even send e-cards if you want to. The interface is user friendly and it remains one of the best android birthday reminder apps available on Google Play store.

Download Birthdays for Android: Android

3. Hip

Just like the Birthdays for Android app, the Hip will also sync your contacts from Facebook and also calendars. The app comes with other cool features such as reminding you in advance, suggesting gift ideas, options for texts, calls, etc.

Do you think that’s all about the features? Hear this! The app will also share the details of an upcoming birthday event with others in your contact. This is helpful if you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party.

Birthday Reminder Apps 3

The downside is that the app is ad-supported. You might find this offensive if you hate ads but you can put this to rest by option for the Hip plus app. The Hip plus costs $1.49 and features other cool features such as built-in calendar, widgets, app themes, unlimited reminders, access to more greeting cards, add more events, and remove ads.

Download HIP: iOS

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar remains one of the best android birthday reminder apps out there. It is compatible with all versions of android. With the app, you can set birthday reminders for your loved ones with ease.

Birthday Reminder Apps - Google Calendar

Also, the app allows you to connect your Facebook with it for easy reminders. If you are the busy type who hardly remember dates, this app is the perfect fit for you. Just create an event and set it to repeat, choose your date and time.

Download Google Calendar

5. Birdays – Birthday Reminder

The app’s is user-friendly and perfectly set reminders for concerning the upcoming birthdays. The app has other salient features such as your ability to check celebrities that she the same birthdays as you.

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birdays app

Also, the app is free to download from the Google Playstore. With this, you can easily set reminders for your loved ones birthday.

Download Birdays – Birthday Reminder


With IFTTT, you can connect to other apps and services. It is more than just a birthday reminder app and using it solely for that purpose is tantamount to you underutilizing it.

Birthday Reminder Apps 9

IFTTT features recipes that connect with different apps and services. Apps and services such as SaaS products, social media sites, Google Calendar, etc have their special recipes peculiar to them. With the app, you can get birthday notifications by synchronizing it with Google Calendar or other birthday reminder apps.

You can also automate your messages on Twitter, Facebook, and many more. Another great feature is that it is free and devoid of ads. It works fine across all mobile devices.

7. Greeting Cards & Wishes

Greetings Cards and Wishes remains one of the best ios and android reminder apps for birthdays. With it, you can send pre-selected cards to your friends and families. You also set reminders for their special days.

Greeting Cards & Wishes

The app embodies different kinds of greetings. You can send humorous, romantic, or even floral greetings to your relatives, friends, and colleagues. It is available on both ios and android and offers a friendly user interface.


Download Greeting Cards & Wishes: Android | iOS

8. Countdown+ Widgets Calendar

With the Countdown+ Widgets Calendar, you can set reminders for birthdays and it will begin to countdown till the due date.


The app comes with a builtin calendar and there is no limit to the number of countdown you can set. Also, it allows you to import birth dates from your Facebook account for easy synchronization. Other cool features include customization such as the colour, size, and font. With this app, our forgetfulness as it relates to events and dates are taken care of. The app supports ads but with a one-time in-app purchase of $0.99, you will make it ad-free.

Download Calendar+ Widgets Calendar: Android | iOS

9. To-Do Reminder with Alarm

This app is beyond mere birthday reminders. It’s a handy app for people who often miss out on very important tasks or events in their lives. Stuff such as birthdays, tasks, meetings, goals, data can be using the App.

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to do app

With the app, you can plan your daily goals, weekly, or even monthly goals with ease. Things that matter most to you henceforth would be properly documented with the aid of the To-do Reminder with Alarm app.

Download To-Do Reminder with Alarm 

10. Birthday Countdown

Birthday reminder apps for android and IOS can’t be complete without including Birthday Countdown in the list. The app offers awesome features that make it a must-have for those keen on making their loved ones’ birthdays a special one.

Birthday Reminder Apps - Birthday Countdown

Birthday Countdown will keep track of the special from the day you set it up. It will keep counting down as the name suggests from that very day. Daily, it will show you how many days you have before the big day. Once the countdown is finished, you’ll get a notification of the event.

With this app, you can plan a surprise birthday for your loved ones. The possibilities of not making the day a special one is minimal since you’re notified days ahead before the Big Day finally arrives.

Download Birthday Countdown 

11. My Birthday Reminder 

As the name suggests, My Birthday Reminder is designed for people who are to busy to remember things such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Birthday Reminder Apps - My Birthday Reminder

With the app features, you can do a lot of other things that are not available in some other apps. With it, you can upload photos of celebrants, design e-cards, edit and send the same to the celebrants. The interface is user-friendly. With it, you can set reminders and never forget your loved ones’ birthdays or anniversaries again.

Download My Birthday Reminder 

Final Words

With the birthday reminder apps for android and ios, the chances of forgetting your loved ones’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other special days in their lives are eliminated. It affords you the grace to plan ahead of their special days. With the anniversary reminder apps, you can strengthen the bonds you share with the people that mean the world with you. Go ahead and try them out. With this, you can determine the best birthday reminder apps you can suggest to your friends henceforth.


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