How to Fix Instagram Stories not Loading Issues

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Instagram stories not loading is quite an issue a lot of people don’t want to deal with. It is quite frustrating especially in a time like this when the Coronavirus lockdown is forcing a lot of to stay at home.

First, Instagram stories are insights into the activities of a lot of people around the globe. it gives you a peek into their activities, including yours. You will agree with me that the introduction is one of the coolest features that made Instagram so addictive today.

Are you facing the same issues of Instagram stories not working? Instagram not loading stories? Instagram stories won’t load, then this guide is for you.

Instagram stories not working


To fix Instagram stories not loading problems, follow these guides below and you will have the problem fixed in no time.

  • restart your phone
  • restart the app
  • check your phone network
  • update Instagram
  • uninstall and reinstall Instagram
  • clear the app cache

 6 Things to do to fix Instagram Stories not Loading Problem

1. Restart your Phone

It is assumed you don’t know the reasons behind your Instagram stories not loading. It is not your fault but a few second actions from your might just fix that problem.

Restart your phone and allow it to boot fully back. If the issue is from your phone, expect the problem to be fixed outrightly after.

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2. Restart the App

Another great way to fix the Instagram stories problem is to restart the app. Sometimes, Instagram malfunction for various reasons. From it hanging to not opening at all, all these can lead to further frustration.

Restarting the app is quite easy for android users. Follow the simple steps below to do that.

  • Open your Phone Settings
  • Locate the Apps
  • Select Instagram and Click “Force Close”

Start the app after this. It should work perfectly fine but if the app still crashes when loading the story, then the Force Close option may not be available.

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3. Check your Phone Network

Often times than not, the problem lies with your internet connection rather than Instagram itself.  One good way to solve Instagram stories not posting is to take a look at your phone network connectivity.

To fix this problem, turn off your internet ( mobile data or wifi ) and try again to see if stories are loading or not. If after turning your phone network on and off and Instagram stories are still not showing up, then try switching to a different network.

Also, switch to 4G or wifi and vice versa. If after all these, and the problem persists, especially when other apps are working just fine, then the problem lies with Instagram itself and not your phone network.

4. Update Instagram

If after following the suggestion above and stories still won’t load, you need to check your Instagram. When last did you update it? you might just have left it un-updated for too long.

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If you are an Android user, go to Google Play Store and search for Instagram. Click on the “Update” button to update your Instagram. For apple phone users, visit the App Store and search for Instagram as well. Click on the update button.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

Instagram stories not showing up shouldn’t’ freak you out even though it can be so annoying. It is not the end of the world and there is a solution to getting it fixed.

Your outdated Instagram app can cause stories not to load. Even after updating the app on Play Store or App Store and it still won’t load, then it’s time to uninstall and reinstall the app.

On Android:

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Locate Apps
  • Select Instagram on your device.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Open Google Play and install a fresh copy of Instagram.

On iPhone:

  • Open Settings and General.
  • Select iPhone Storage and select Instagram.
  • Select Delete App and confirm your choice.
  • Load the App Store and download and install a fresh copy.

6. Clear the App Cache

Clearing your app cache just to be sure it is not the cause of stories not loading is worth giving a shot. This option can only be done on android. The clear app cache is not available on iPhones.

To clear your cache on android, follow the steps below.

  • Open Settings on your device
  • Locate Apps
  • Select Instagram
  • Click on  Storage.
  • Select Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Final Words

After following the steps above, the problem of Instagram stories not loading should be fixed permanently on your phone. I will like to hear from you, did any of the steps above work for you? Those are the steps I know to fix Instagram stories not loading. Do you know of any other step? Kindly share it with others through the comment section below.

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