Korean Movies Download:10 Best Websites to Watch Kdrama for Free


Many people have been asking me about the best websites to watch Kdrama for free for the past few days. This is mostly due to the present lockdown being instilled round the world as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

If you are a lover of Korean Dramas, it’s not impossible for you to have seen or even used some of the Korean drama sites out there, but then, some of these websites are not free.

You have to pay before you can have access to watch your best Kdrama movies. To save you the stress of searching continuously online, we have compiled the lists of the best websites to watch Kdrama for free for you.

If you are an iPhone user, these free iOS movie apps are worth your time. Go ahead and check them out.

To answer your question, the websites below let you watch Korean movies and dramas for free

  • Dramafire
  •  AsianCrush
  • GoodDrama
  • Sojuoppa
  • Viki
  • NewAsianTV
  • DramaFever
  • MyDramaList
  • TheDramaCool
  • Kdramahood
  • Viewasian.tv

10+ Best Websites to Watch Kdrama for Free

1. Dramafire

Dramafire comes with a slick design that makes your downloading Korean movies for free easy and stress-free. The site is free and the movies come in HD format.

dramafire - best websites to watch Kdrama for free

Also, due to the website design, navigation, and searching for movies are quite easy. You shouldn’t have any problem downloading the movies of your choice.

Visit Dramafire

2. AsianCrush

AsianCrush offers more than just Korean Kdrama free movies download. It is as popular as Hulu and Netflix.

asiancrush - best websites to watch Kdrama for free

It is totally free and offers HD movies that give you nothing but excitement all day long. Visit the site and make the best use of your time on your favourite movies.

Visit AsianCrush

3. GoodDrama

Gooddrama offers more than just Korean Movies. Similar to Dramgo.com in terms of the interface, it also offers a variety of Chinese and Japanese movies for your viewing pleasure.

Gooddrama. best websites to watch Kdrama for free

It has an easy to use interface that makes searching for any movie of your choice hassle-free. However, the site administrators support the running of the website with some advertisements which pop up occasionally.

Visit GoodDrama

4. Sojuoppa

Devoid of those annoying popup adverts that spoil users’ experience, Sojuoppa ranks itself as the go-to place for free Korean movies download.

best websites to watch Kdrama for free

The collection of movies on the website are in-depth.  Both newly released movies and older ones can be found on the website. This is a true testament to the amount of hard work being put in by the website admins.

Visit Sojuoppa

5. Viki

Viki is one of the most popular on the lists. It is available in virtually all countries.

best websites to watch Kdrama for free Viki.com

Another unique feature of the website is the availability of subtitles for the Korean dramas.

If you won’t be irked by the amount t of advertisement pop-ups, then consider Viki a site to visit for everything movies. It still remains one of the  best websites to watch Kdrama for free

Visit Viki

6. NewAsianTV

As the name implies, newasiantv is the hub for everything Asian Movies. From Chinese to Korean movies, Japanese movies, there is no other place to be other than NewAsianTv.

NewAsianTv movies download

The only downside to this wonderful site is that it’s not available in all countries. To make up for that, the sleek design makes searching for movies quite easy.

Visit NewAsianTV

7. DramaFever

If you are based in a country with slow internet speed, your worries are surely over.


With DramaFever, you can access all Korean movies of your choice despite your slow internet speed. It is regarded as the largest hub for Korean dramas. Go ahead and check them out and the movies of your choice.

Visit DramaFever

8. MyDramaList

Just like DramaFire, the site has a simple design that makes navigation easy. It is updated regularly with new Korean movies.

mydramalist - best korean drama website

While it might not be the best website out there, the navigation is something to be cheerful about. It is malware-free thus making your browsing a remarkable experience to behold. Visit it today to watch free Kdrama

Visit MyDramaList

9. TheDramaCool

With TheDramaCool.com, you can stream all Korean Movies of your choice for absolutely free.

the drama cool - best korean drama website

It offers a large collection of highly updated Korean movies. If you ask me, it is quite a lot for a website that looks like a mere blog at a glance. It is worth your time and effort. go ahead and check them out and see for yourself why it is included in this list.

Visit TheDramaCool

10. Kdramahood

If you ever have to search for the best websites to watch Kdrama for free, make sure Kdramahood makes your list.

Websites to Watch Korean Drama for free

There is a reason for that, and it’s not far-fetched. Kdramahood contains a vast collection of Korean movies, dramas, and television series in HD qualities.

The site’s user interface will never let you get frustrated. It is user-friendly and all the movies come with English subtitles for people like you and I

Additional Websites to Download and Watch Korean Movies for Free

1. Viewasian.tv

It is a great choice for new Korean movies. The website updates regularly and to cap it, the app is available for download. It is a great choice for those looking for the best websites to watch Kdrama for free

Take a moment and visit the website and believe, the simplicity of the layout will wow you.

Visit Viewasian.tv

2. Boxasian

This free and legal website to watch Korean movies and dramas come with subtitles. Automatically, this makes an ideal choice for English speaking audiences who hitherto would have missed the bulk of the actions due to the language barrier.

Visit Boxasian

3. Hancinema

Right from the home page, you are provided with a vast collection of awesome Korean movies. The website provides both old and latest Korean movies as well.

Visit Hancinema

4. DramaKoreaIndo.com

Like others on the list, DramaKorea is not one to ignore. The website contains a vast collection of the latest and trending Kdrama movies all for free. The website is easy to navigate and you are assured of having an awesome experience.

5. OndemandKorea.com

As the name implies, it’s a reservoir for trending Korean Kdramas. From Korean Movies to Korean series, the website got them all. It is the perfect place to be for those in search of the best websites to download and watch Korean Movie Series.


Final Words

For lovers of Korean movies, surfing the website to get the best and reliable ones out there can be a challenging thing to do. To make things easy for you, we have compiled this collection we have taken time to vet.

Kindly go ahead and enjoy while sharing the same with your friends.

Let them know that these are the best websites to watch Kdrama for free.





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