The Top 15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android in 2020

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It’s no longer news that these days smartphones have become the primary source of music players for a vast majority of people. Though the experience differs greatly, for these, music lovers have to opt for the best equalizer apps to get the ultimate experience on their android devices.

iPod, MP3 players are now in the past as far as listening to music is concerned. With the advent of equalizers, you can now customize your audio experience to your taste. 

To improve your listening experience, here are the best equalizer apps for android.

  • Equalizer FX
  • Neutralizer
  • Music Equalizer
  • Tono Equalizer
  • Bass Booster & Equalizer
  • 10 Band Equalizer
  • Music Bass Booster
  • Music Volume EQ
  • JetAudio
  • Flat Equalizer
  • Boosted
  • Sound Equalizer for android
  • Mega Equalizer
  • Headphones Equalizer

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Top 15 Best Equalizer Apps for Android 2020

1. Equalizer FX

The Equalizer FX app is the perfect equalizer app for you if your need is something with a clean interface. It offers the user a 5-band effect, bass boot, and virtualization.

Equalizer FX App Android

Also, Equalizer FX  is free and offers a further unique feature with its advanced enhancer. It also allows users to create and save their own presets.

Download Equalizer FX

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2. Neutralizer

Neutralizer offers a unique experience. It is one of the most android equalizer apps out there. Instead of an automatic equalizer, neutralizer automatically adjusts itself based on the sounds you hear.


You are advised to use it with a headphone rather than built-in device speakers. To cap it, it offers you volume control, loudness enhancement and bass boosting.

Download Neutralizer

3. Music Equalizer

Music equalizer is known for its interface and great features. Like other free android equalizing apps, Music Equalizer offers users great experience in a unique way.

Music Equalizer free android

Also, the app comes in more than ten preset, 5 band equalizer controllers and a Bass Booster. Music Equalizer gives a better headphone experience through the aid of the virtualized mode. 

Download Music Equalizer

4. Tono Equalizer

Another great equalizer app for android you should try out is the Tono Equalizer. Though relatively new, the cool features make it unignorable.

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Tono Equalizer

With a dark interface that’s lightweight to the eyes, 5 Band Equalizer, Bass Booster, Virtualizer, the Tono Equalizer app shouldn’t escape being installed on your android phone if truly you are a music lover.

Download Tono Equalizer 

5. Bass Booster & Equalizer

Bass Booster & Equalizer app is one of the top-rated apps on Google Playstore as far as free android equalizer apps are concerned.

Equalizer & Bass Booster

It offers you great music experience through its awesome features. To begin with, it comes with a five-band equalizer designed for sound control.

Also, it features ten presets, themes, optional notification controls and it can work effectively with most video and music player apps out there.

Download Bass Booster & Equalizer 

6. 10 Band Equalizer

Listing the best android equalizer apps without the 10 Band Equalizer would surely amount to a great injustice.

10 Band Equalizer

In simple terms, it is one of the best free equalizer apps on Google Play Store. As the name implies, the app provides ten great bands. It also features a built-in music player app for optimum music experience.

Download 10 Band Equalizer

7. Music Bass Booster

Music Bass Booster comes with a well-built UI which makes it one of the best android equalizer apps on the Google Play Store.

Music Bass Booster Equalizer App

Also, the Music Bass Booster app comes in a five-band equalizer alongside ten presets. You can also use it to boost your volume for a great listening experience.

Download Music Bass Booster

8. Music Volume EQ

Without doubt, Music Volume EQ is one of the best Android Equalizer apps on the Google Play Store.

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Music Volume EQ

It is a unique app that has the capability to work with all android versions perfectly.

Furthermore, Music Volume EQ offers users 5 band equalizer and nine preset. It also features a slider volume that makes it stand out from the rest.

Download Music Volume EQ

9. JetAudio

Another great equalizer app worth considering is JetAudio. JetAudio doubles as a 2-in-One brand. First as an MP3, then as a 10/20 bands graphic equalizer.

JetAudio App

With JetAudio, plugins like Crystalizer, AM3D Audio Enhancer as well as Bongiovi DPS can be installed by the user. All these help to enhance the audio output thus making JetAudio a great choice for music lovers.

Download JetAudio

10. Flat Equalizer

Though relatively new on the Google Play Store, Flat Equalizer Android app comes with a unique and minimal UI. The UI is a blend of Google’s Material Design.

Flat Equalizer

Also, the app comes in both light and dark theme thus giving users the choice to choose their ideal theme. Flat Equalizer is another great and free android equalizer app worth downloading as a music lover.

Download Flat Equalizer 

11. Boosted

Boosted is another android equalizer app that’s relatively new on the Google Play Store.


Despite being new, it offers a great experience for music lovers. It allows you to adjust the equalizer band or even cut or boost the frequency as you desire.

So if you are looking for the best free android equalizer app, Boosted offers itself as a great choice worthy of your download.

Downloaded Boosted

12. Sound Equalizer for Android

Sound Equalizer for Android is another free equalizer app available on Google Play Store.

Sound Equalizer running on Android Pie.

This unique app offers a 5b Band EQ, a volume boost and a few presets. It is a simple app and while on, it displays a visual ring waveform of your music.

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It is totally ad-free thus a great choice for you as far as the best free android equalizer apps in 2020 are concerned.

Download Sound Equalizer for Android

13. Mega Equalizer

Though relatively new on the Google Play Store, Mega Equalizer app follows the same Google’s Material Design.

Mega Equalizer

Some of its unique features include your ability to control the Bass Boost, Equalizer and the Virtualizer. All of these are done independently.

So the question of what is the best equalizer app for android need not arise again as the Mega Equalizer presents itself as a great choice. 

Download Mega Equalizer

14. Headphones Equalizer

Headphones Equalizer is a free app available on the Google Play Store yet, a simple app worth every space on your android phone.

Headphones Equalizer - Music & Bass Enhancer for Android - Free ...

It makes your adjusting your music very simple and also integrate perfectly with your music players.  Without exiting the app, you can adjust the volume, control the music that is playing, go back or skip forward.

It comes with a 5 band EQ and a few presets which you can manually control to your taste.

Download Headphones Equalizer

15. Equalizer Pie

Equalizer Pie is another great best equalizer app that can’t be ignored.

Equalizer Pie

The app allows users to adjust the frequency to their choice for maximum music experience. Outside this, Equalizer Pie comes prepared with 14 audio presents. Be you a Jazz, Rock, Pop or even Classical lover, this app is a top choice for you.

Download Equalizer Pie

Final Words 

The 15 lists above offer you the best android equalizer apps for 2020. They are all free to download from the Google Play Store. As long as you are a music lover, you will find these apps very useful for optimum music experience. Kindly go ahead and share this post with your friends as well.



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